Can I contribute?

After reading the opinions of key thinkers already published on this blog do you feel you could contribute to the debate? If so please use the contact form below, and in the ‘comment’ section, answer the following questions:

1)      In your opinion what are the biggest risks and opportunities for farming and the environment upon leaving the EU?

2)      What do you see as the basis for future public payments for farmers and land managers? What, in your opinion, should public funding aim to deliver?

3)      How should public support for farming be offered? E.g. Direct payments, Agri-environment payment, or other forms of financial (grants or loans)/non-financial support (advice, knowledge-exchange).

4)      Do you see any potential for private financing to facilitate/replace public payments?

5)      What direction do you believe future trade policies need to take, and how might this affect future agri-environment policy?

6)      What impacts might the changes you envisage have on farmers and land managers?

6a) What might the wider impacts be on the countryside/rural communities?

6b) How might you propose to mitigate the impacts? Do you think any additional policy measures will be necessary and what might these be?

7)      What impacts might the changes you envisage have on the environment (farmland biodiversity; wider biodiversity; soil health; water quality etc.)

8)      How might your proposals secure the government’s commitment to “leave the environment in a better state than we found it”?

9)      What impacts might the changes you envisage have on visitor/tourists’ perceptions of the countryside?

10)   What would be your 25 year vision for the future of farming, the environment and the countryside in the UK?

(Please note we cannot guarantee every submitted contribution will be published)